India Tiger Trail - Have you ever seen a tiger from a distance of 10 feet? Have you ever admired the nature’s beauty and its creations of the wild? Languishing over a prey and tearing it apart and the hard work that goes in to making that kill. Have you given it a serious thought? Well those who have experience these moments know the pleasure for sure and we are sure they definitely crave for more.

Durga is the supreme Goddess who can bring light to the earth, a force for peace amid the powers of evil. She is the feminine force or Shakti created by the gods to combat the evil male power that had percolated through the world; and from her sprang the Goddess kali to join the fight, and the vehicle for this fight was the Tiger !. Why? Perhaps because tiger and man were deemed to have been born from the same mother, so the Tiger was seen as a man's sibling, but also as the king of the forest, a power on earth that was beyond reach of any mortal.

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